Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fishing and Hair.....

These fishermen are in a wooden canoe, fishing with nets.  I took a lot of pictures of them riding the crests of waves, but none of them turned out.  We see several of them in the mornings when we walk on the street by the beach.  

This fisherman is using a net to catch fish in a small river just out of town.

His is pulling it in, but didn't catch anything.
He decided to go into the water - he made several dives, and we couldn't see if he every caught anything.

A big part of fashion here is - hair.  Especially for Christmas, we saw every little girl with lots of decorations in her hair.  I didn't get many pictures, but here are a few.  The women have all kinds of wigs and hair pieces - there are people selling braids and extensions everywhere along the streets and in stores.  Most men shave their heads, but there are some who have braids.

Here is the little girl and her mother, who has a beautiful hair piece.  This was at a wedding.  Everyone comes dressed in their finest and with their hair either very fashionable or with a wonderful cloth wrap.  I hope to learn how to do some of the hair cloth wrappings.  When you buy fabric for a dress, there is enough for an extra piece to wrap around your waist as an extra skirt, put over your shoulders, or wrap around your head.

These pictures are after Christmas, but on Christmas Even and Christmas Day, the little girls wear beautiful dresses.  We think everyone gets dressed up to go to church on Christmas.  We didn't go out on Christmas Eve Day or Christmas Day because the traffic was horrendous Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day we were home all day.

In both of these pictures the little girls have their loaves of French bread - what everyone eats for/with basically every meal.

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  1. What wonderful hair designs. A great experience you are having there. (friend of Karen Kevan's)