Sunday, December 2, 2012

Diversity - A Pig and a Platform

A few days ago, we watched a large pig wander up a road and find a nice spot on the border of a busy intersection, to hunker down and enjoy the view and an afternoon nap!  We see small goats around town and in the cartiers quite often, but pigs are less common.  No one seems to bother them, and most of the time they seems to keep out of the traffic - we aren't sure how they manage to do that!

The same day, when we went  to visit an invertigator, we saw this just around the corner from his home.  The boat/platform just appeared one day, the Elders said. There are scores of  oil company 'platforms'  off the coast of Pointe Noire, but usually you can only see their lights at night, because they are far way.

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