Sunday, December 16, 2012

Compliments of a Dump Truck

During Zone Conference we heard the familiar sound of a dump truck (it is a miracle they can even get down our little road). When we went out to investigate - Surprise!  We weren't going to be able to get out, and there was a scheduled training in a few hours for the branches that President and Sister Jameson were presenting.  We could have walked around the sand, and taken a taxi, but with the elders there, we had help!
What a great group of enthusiastic workers - couldn't have asked for a better crew, and look how well they dressed for the occasion!

President and Sister Jameson watching the process.

One, two, three, all together now....

A view from up the hill.  The Congolese workers just make a smaller pile of sand and rocks from the big piles and pour some water in it and mix it - voila, cement!  Our landlord, who owns this home that is being built next to ours and for which the sand and gravel was delivered, came the next day and apologized for what happened.  A worker inside the house, who didn't appear until after the piles were moved, had called and told him.

The man in the red shirt is our guard.  He was showing the missionaries some tricks about how to move the sand.  

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