Sunday, December 23, 2012

More Trees in Cogo

I don't know what kind of tree this is, but there are a lot of them, and they are very pretty.

Mango tree across from our house.  It is mango season, so people get long sticks and poke them down.....

or, climb in the tree to get them, like these little children!There is also an electrical line going through the tree, which makes us very nervous about children being up there.

Coconut tree in a member's yard.  It is also pineapple season, and there are thousands of pineapples being sold along the streets - but they come from a little piece of Angola, called Cabinda, which is just down the road a few miles from us.  We pay an average of 2,500 cfa for a good sized pineapple, which is about $5.00 USD.

This elder didn't get up too far, did he!

This is the man who owns the tree, and he wanted us to take this picture quickly, because he wasn't going up much farther - he waits for them to fall down, to get them.
OK, here is the kind of tree we need at this time of the year!  Thanks to one of the senior couples before us, we have a Christmas Tree.  When the lights didn't work, the tree looked very plain, while we were looking at the Grande Marche for more lights.  The young woman on the right came to our home for a missionary discussion and saw that we didn't have any, so the next time she came, she brought us some, and a few more ornaments.  She is a very nice woman who is investigating the church.  The man is also an investigator who is very nice.  Most people wouldn't be able to afford to buy lights to give away, but this woman is fortunate to have a good job and she was very generous to do that - the Christmas spirit!  More about Christmas in Pointe Noire in a future blog.

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