Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas in Pointe Noire

Traffic is just like in the U.S. at Christmas - even busier than normal!

I hurried to get this shot because it shows the diversity of Pointe Noire - a Muslim owned store, with singing Santa's on each side of the door and an African woman selling pineapples and bananas from a tray on her head.

 This is a lovely Nativity carved by a craftsman in Cameroon.  One of the elders who transferred here from Cameroon displayed it in their apartment.  There is a little Christmas tree on the books behind it.   The man below was walking down the mains treet with live chickens in the bowl on his head and carrying a live one in his hand - great for Christmas dinner!

This is Christmas Dinner with President and Sister Jameson, the 12th of December.
Elders after dinner.....
This is the big French store - a live Christmas tree - they even had some other live ones inside to sell.  Notice the street light decorations!  Nothing like this last year!

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