Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas Eve afternoon after a Primary Program in the Church Yard

A mild day in Pointe Noire traffic

This is nothing compared to a normal day! We pray each time that we leave in our truck that we will be safe-not harm anyone or be harmed. At least the traffic usually isn't going too fast (unless it is a taxi) because it is so crowded. I could never have believed this without experiencing it, and other cities are much busier. We have to leave at least an hour before planning on being to a destination just a few miles away, unless it is early, before about 6:00 am.

Our missionaries!

These are the young elders we are so blessed to be here to help. They work long and hard every day to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help members and non-members through service projects. They are from Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Kenya, Madagascar, and Arkansas. We love them and appreciate them for helping us get started in our African home and for the love they have and are sharing with us for the Congolese people.

Rain Forest

We took this picture of a rain forest on our way to Dolisi, the 3rd largest city in Repubique of Congo.

We traveled through it on a new highway build by the Chinese, which winds up and over mountains for almost 3 hours. We didn't see any wildlife, but enjoyed the beautiful forest and passing many small villages which included a lot of pygmy goats roaming across the road. We could hear a lot of birds, but saw very few.