Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas in Pointe Noire


     Pointe Noire  Sunsets in December
The elders wanted to do a Secret Santa gift exchange - do you think the elder in the middle is showing a 'scrooge' face?  The elder on the left received a box of Capri Sun and an elephant.  The elder on the right received a cool maybe the elder in the middle didn't get anything?  Yes, he did, just not yet.

The 'after' picture of opening Secret Santa gifts - they were very creative in their gift giving!

Relaxing, playing games and making and eating cookies (notice the EMPTY tray).  We made sandwich cookies out of round crackers, lots of chunky peanut butter, and melted chocolate on top.  They must have like them because they dissapeared in no time!  Nothing seems to dampen their appetites, though, when it is dinner time.....

On Christmas Day, we scheduled time for elders to skype with their families starting at 2:00 PM Congo time.  They didn't want to be late for such an important date, so about 12:30, we heard caroling, looked out our door, and there on top of our wall, were 4 elders singing Christmas songs (the gate was still locked).  Lucky for them and us, the barbed wire was off while more bricks were added to the wall!  I didn't have my hair curled or my makeup on, but I have learned those details aren't so important  anymore.  We welcomed them in and started our Christmas Day celebration.

The elders really wanted to make and decorate sugar cookies, so I made the dough and we all prayed and prayed for electricity.  Our power had been out for a looong time and the generator won't power the oven.  I thought we would have to try to cook them in a frying pan (stove is gas), but just as dinner was ending, voila - the power came on.  This was their P-Day activity, since Monday was P-Day and Christmas Eve. This was after opening presents, as you can see the nice looking hat that just had to be worn.  The two elders at the far end of the table are playing chess.

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