Sunday, December 16, 2012

P Day for Missionaries - Football

The missionaries work hard and long all week, for weeks at a time, before they have an opportunity to do their favorite physical activity -  (American) FOOTBALL!!!  They play until they are exhausted and then we feed them until they are bursting, then they relax for a few minutes and it's time to go home.  We know parents long to see their Elders, so here are a few pictures.

They couldn't resist a couple of 'pile ons' - too bad for the ones at the bottom!

This is after playing and eating - time to relax!  In case you haven't seen earlier blogs, the beach is the only place in Pointe Noire where we can go for a picnic - but none of us get in the water, it is totally off limits.  And, there are usually no sunbathers or swimmers around to distract them.  Most Congolese seem to be afraid of water and don't swim.

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