Thursday, September 12, 2013

Relief Society Activity

The sisters from 2 of the branches met together on a Saturday  morning and  competed, one branch against the other, in a game that I can't remember the name of....but it is very popular and all the young girls play it all the time.  These sisters had a wonderful time playing and laughing and then eating a yogurt drink and rolls.  they meet in different buildings, so getting together allows them to visit and express their love for each other.
The players jump and kick and somehow they can tell who 'wins' and who has to back out and let the next one try.  Seems kind of like Rock/Paper/Scissors.  Some of them are very skilled and do fancy kicks.

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  1. Frank and I were just looking at your blog. Very enjoyable to see what you are up to. Hope your tomatoes do well--ours have! Your house is still there! We see it every day. The 16th ward has changed a lot with people moving in and out. We enjoying seeing the photos from your mission. The Lord is certainly gathering from the four corners of the earth. Hope you two are happy and healthy. Can't believe that almost two years has gone by. Hope this gets to you. It will probably go to everyone. Hi everyone--especially the Wheatleys. See you soon! Frank and Joyce Decaria