Sunday, September 15, 2013

Daily Work

This man made friends with Elder Wheatley and I because  we see him almost every day as we come and go on a main road.  It is fun to smile or laugh with vendors as they walk by - almost never buying anything, but still appreciating how hard they work. I took his picture (with his permission) one day and the next day he wanted to know where his copy was - I will make him one today and have it for when we probably see him tomorrow. 

This man was using his machete to cut straps off of a cement bag.  Most machetes are very sharp and they are often sharpened on the curb of the street by rubbing them across the cement.

If we had needed an iron and ironing board, this would have been a convenient way to buy them!

These are the style and fabrics most women wear.  This is a rather upscale shop.  Most seamstress and taylor shops are small wooden stalls with a glassless window and a door, many don't even have electricity.  We see people from the more modest shops working outside on tables where there is more light, and ironing with irons that hold charcoal for heat - like ones we have seen in pioneer museums.

This man is selling a variety of things.

This is a shop that sells TV satellite dishes.  Lots of people have them and many people also have just TV antennas. This shop is just getting fixed up to open.

Behind the board covered with sunglasses, is a man carrying it up and down the road.

As we were going down a side street, we noticed this lady, headed out for the day with a big enough load for at least 2 people!

Another view of her load.....

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