Monday, September 9, 2013

Activities in Point Noire

Missionaries helping a woman and her family move.  We are as close to her home as possible, parked in an area where there is a business fixing cars.  Can you see the "Primus" beer factory water tower in the background? We made the move in just 2 loads!  

Elder Johnson was very good at packing the goods in - he said he had helped lots of people move in his home ward.  Elder Baker was best at using his Boy Scout knots to tie the top load down, and Elders Lavering and Ntwambe were helping with everything.  Elder Wheatley always has a rope stored in the truck for all kinds of occasions.

These little boys were watching us, and they didn't seem too excited about the whole thing!

This is the way apartments and homes for rent are advertized.  A person who is interested calls the numbers listed and talks to a man who will arrange to meet them and show them the rental.  If you agree to rent the property,  the fee is usually the equal of one month's rent.

This is 'escape from church' - the little girl laughs and laughs and every chance she gets, she runs out into the little road and tries to escape from whichever person  is supposed to be watching her.

You can tell that this young woman is so happy to have me take her picture!  She is trying REALLY hard, not to smile....

She tried to make an escape again - but this time, her big brother was watching and chased her down. 

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