Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On the Street Where We Live

Our street now has a name:  Rue Bulolu Bu Mvou Mvou.  This is what it looks like from in front of our house, facing towards the main street named Rue Nelson Mandela.

The boutique on the left is new.  Movie DVDs are sold there, as well as, we think, some type of electronics repair or something like that.  Across from our house is a small boutique that sells groceries.  Next to it is a Coiffure shop and an area used for a church. A few yards in the other direction is the water point.
 Our flowers are thriving.  The guard and I take turns cutting some of the plants back so they won't get too out of control.  We don't want to bother the tomato plants because they have some blossoms and some have small tomatoes on them (they aren't showing well in this picture).  Our guard picked 3 egg plants off one vine down at the far corner.  They weren't very big because the sun doesn't hit those plants much due to the walls.

This coconut palm is not on our street, but it could be - they are plentiful here.  These coconuts look pretty big, but the actual coconuts inside would still be quite small at this time.

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