Monday, September 16, 2013

Before Transfer P Day Activity

We picnicked in this area by a local lake. The elders like to come here and eat and play football with the children who gather to watch us.

First things first and everyone was hungry, so we ate lunch.

There were a whole bunch of chickens who kept wanting to join us!

The picnic area is above a lake.  There were quite a few boats in the lake.  We think they were fishing with nets, like they do in the ocean from these boats.  They are wooden, dugout canoes.  There is another one in the background.

None of my pictures of the football game worked, but here are some young girls watching while tending their little siblings.  There was only one other girl who came to watch and play.  These girls put the babies down for a few minutes and played, but the babies wanted them back!

2 of the boys decided to play in the trees and the little girl here is preparing to catch one of the footballs.

There are a couple of little wooden houses next to the picnic area.  We pay one of the adults for the use of the area and they bring us some plastic chairs to use.  The women are cooking dinner on a charcoal fire.  There is a little boy next to the house that is pushing an empty bedou (water container) around as a toy.

Elder Porter wanted a picture of the boys.  They love to have their picture taken and then look at the camera to see what they look like.

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