Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Around Town

Bet you didn't think seals lived this close to the equator?  Well, this is just  piece of driftwood, but it looked so much like a seal, we have been wanting a picture so one day I took the camera on our walk and tried to get a good shot.

This is a sea monster, coming right out of the water to get the next unsuspecting person who wanders by....it was just so interesting - use your imagination to decide what it looks like!

We were waiting in traffic and I could hear some very animated talking, so I looked over and these 3 women were sharing opinions about something, not quite sure what, but 2 of them had plastic cups that they kept waving at each other.  They didn't seem mad, just very invested in whatever they were talking about.  Sometimes it is good not to understand French, but most of the time, it is just frustrating!  However, most interesting discussions are spoken in either Kicongo, Minikutuba, or Lingala and so even French wouldn't help that much!

We often have to stop and wait for semi's to back their loads into this parcel.  It is fascinating to see the skill of the drivers.  If you could see how close he is to the building on this side and the fence and a dozen other vehicles on the other side, you would be astonished.  We feel like we should get out of the truck and give them a standing ovation when they finish.  Which, actually, is much nicer than getting angry at them for making you wait to get on your way!

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