Monday, November 12, 2012

 We were invited, with 2 missionaries, to celebrateFrère Felix's birthday.  He is in the middle, with his wife on the left and their daughter to the left of her and their grandson on her left.  To the right is someone I can't identify and then on the far right is a neighbor and friend, who helped prepare dinner.  The wooden dishes on the table are antiques that he honored us by using.
 The food was delicious.  Going counter-clockwise, there are plantains in the white pot, a rice dish with cabbage and other vegetables in the tan bowl to the right, fried fish in-between, French bread and underneath it was manioc, the green-colored food is saka saka, made from leaves, and a chicken dish on the upper left.  There was bottled water and the bottle that looks like wine was a mint liquid that could be added to the water.  The 3 women had gone to the market early in the morning to get the food and then spent many hours preparing it.

Here is another view of the table.  They live in one of the nicer homes we have been in.  Frère Felix is a physician and he has a very big and nice parcel with his home and several buildings and his office within the walls.  

A close up of the antique wooden plate and utensils.


  1. So good to hear about all you have been doing! take care and be safe..!Henry and Diana

  2. What a beautiful family and a lovely feast! It looks delicious!