Monday, November 26, 2012

Flooding in Pointe Noire

A week ago, on Saturday night, it rained unusually hard and many parts of town flooded.  It is so sad to see the already poor living conditions that were worsened for so many families.  Here are some pictures I took as we tried to get to church.

 These pictures are all taken along one of the main roads into the part of town where the Pointe Noire Branche house is.  We had to keep taking different roads until we could find one that wasn't flooded.  There was a stream that went through this area, that became a swollen, fast moving river and flooded probably hundreds of houses.

This shot shows a home and some banana trees several feet deep in the floodwater.

This area is a nursery with lots of plants - they are underwater here.
Although we are in the hot, rainy season, this rain was much worse than normal.  We saw a taxi that was pulled out of the river, that we were told had some people in it when it was swept off the road. 

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