Monday, November 12, 2012

Garden Spot Service Project

 Four Elders wanted to help an older gentleman develop a garden spot so he could raise food and become more self-sustaining.  He also helped.  This was step one - just getting the rocks and weeds removed and the dirt turned over.  The morning session of school was just out and so we had a lot of helpers!

The man on the left is who the service project was done for.  He lives in the little wooden house in the upper right corner of the picture above.

Here are two women that walked by while we were working.  It got really, really hot and yet everyone besides us didn't seem to mind and were busy about their daily activities.  It is now the hot and rainy season and today it has poured several times and is raining again now.  This is jungle rain - I have never seen anything like it before, it comes down so fast and so furious....and wet!

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