Sunday, November 11, 2012

Conference Issue of Liahona (Ensign)

The elders came to our home for a Preparation Day activity and we had the pleasure of giving them the October edition of the English Language Liahona (the French edition is the Le Liahona), which is what African Saints get instead of the Ensign, New Era and Children's Friend.  It is all of those combined, and has a special Africa Southeast Area insert each month. 

It was so amazing to watch - they forgot all about the snack on the table and going to play flag football - they all just wanted to sit down and read!

Baptisms in city of Pointe Noire

November 4, 2012
  Dear family,
We were just discussing what happened this week and couldn't think of too much excitement.  We did remember that on Tuesday afternoon a set of Elders wanted us to take them to visit several families.  Elder Wheatley traditionally does this and Sister Wheatley stays at home.  Elder Wheatley was concerned about her going because of the difficult mud puddles, lakes etc. that must be transvered to get to when we going (there are very few paved roads).  Sure enough Elder Wheatley got the pickup stuck in a mud bog.  Fortunately he had put in a shovel and with a little digging and a push from the crowd that had gathered we got out.  In this culture it is expected that when help is given, help is rewarded.  When you have a crowd of people, some giving advice, some disagreeing with the advice, and some actually helping who do you pay?  I have always worried that the person getting the money might lose in the end as the others fight for their share of the loot.  Anyway Elder Wheatley gave one of the men a 5,000cfa(about $10.00 USD) note and we left, knowing that they were 5,000fc richer and the only white people to drive through their cartier that day had given them something to laugh about.  The rest of the afternoon
we made sure we followed the taxi's.  If a little Toyota Tercel or Corrola can get through, a big Toyota HiLux 4 wheel drive should make it.  It is true that the taxi drivers are much more skilled as drivers than an old white man from Utah.  
Last Sunday we had to rely on our containers of water since the pump needed some repair.  It was taken care of on Monday  and we were all smiles for a few hours until we lost power.  Fortunately the generator was able to cool one bedroom.  Since Tuesday life has been pretty smooth except for getting the pickup stuck.  Wednesday and Thursday we met with the Elders in District Meetings.  Saturday was baptisms and English classes.
Something that has given me some thought recently started when I was reading in Luke 24:5-6.  This is when the two messengers at the tomb made the statement, "Why seek ye the living among the dead.?"  "He is not here, but is risen."  As I have thought about the impact of that event and particularly that statement, "He is not here is risen."  I have been thinking about important statements that have been made, trying to determine in my mind which is the most important statement ever uttered here on earth.  Some others that I think are important are: 3 Nephi, 11:11" ...I have drunk out of the bitter cup which the Father has given me, and have glorified the Father in taking upon me the sins of the world, in the which I have suffered 
the will of the Father in all things from the beginning."  Here are some others, you can read them  D&C 76:41-42, D&C 76:22-24, John 17:3, Moses 1:39.  I remember when Karl would pay us a visit and at the dinner table he would ask, "What is your favorite word?"  When we
answered we would then have to tell why.  Maybe in a family home evening or when you need something to discuss this would be a good activity to ask, "What do you think were the greatest words ever spoken.?
We hope you are all happy and well,  we have a busy week ahead.  I don't always know what we do that makes us so tired, but hate to admit we usually fall asleep on our knees.  We think maybe we should pray earlier in the evening.
May you be blessed always. We mention you by name in our prayers each day.
Love Elder and Sister Wheatley 


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