Sunday, July 28, 2013

School's Out for 3 Months

Here are some pictures of school rooms just used until July 5th.  This is what a normal public elementary school is like.

One of the black boards, which are painted onto the cement walls.

A teacher's desk and a window.  The step to the right goes up to the black board.

This room is for the younger ages - they seem to start young, but I am not sure what age.  Most students don't graduate with a high school diploma, although many try, even into their early 20s.  It is very difficult for them to pass their graduation exams.

As we were walking through a cartier, this little boy was playing with his car made from cans.  I put a picture of one our little neighbor boys made about a year ago, on another posting.   The children are very creative and ingenious.

President Cook had a nice visit with this man, as we walked in a cartier, when he noticed the man's T shirt!  He is sure it is a BYU cougar T shirt....  He made friends and even wanted the missionaries to come back and talk with him.  President Cook also made friends with some men as we had a short walk on the beach, and they also asked to have the missionaries come and talk to them.  He is doing great with his French and with his example sharing the message of the gospel!

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