Sunday, August 4, 2013

Around Pointe Noire

We followed this huge caterpillar up the street - there are supposed to be two lanes on this paved road (there are usually at least 3), but it was so big that all the trucks and cars coming from the other direction had to move off the road to get past.  The main road on one side of us is being worked on and soon the main road on one end of our little road will be closed also.  We are a little worried about getting in and out of our house!  More roads get torn up but it takes years for them to get finished....

This billy goat was in the yard of one of the families we visited - and we weren't sure if the way he 'talked' to us the whole time meant he was welcoming us or telling us to get out of his space!

This wonderful family gave us some papaya that you see them picking.  It is a very healthy fruit and we are growing to like it the longer we are here.  Almost every house has papaya trees in their yards.  

While we were waiting for a couple of missionaries, these children saw us and came over to wave and talk to us.  The children love to have their pictures taken and usually laugh and laugh when they see what they look like in the camera when we show them.

Elders Johnson and Baker are knocking on the door of a little house where an older man who is receiving follow up lessons after his baptism lives.  He can't afford the cost of a bus so he walks to church, which takes him quite a long time because he walks slowly, but he still comes!

Below, are some young men pushing and pulling a load of cement into the cartier.  No matter how far off a main street it is, there is always a boutique that sells cement.  When a missionary told a young person last week that we build houses of wood and not cement, he asked why we would do that!  Here, people usually live in wooden homes only until they can afford to make homes out of cement blocks.  You can see some stacks of blocks in this yard.

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