Sunday, July 28, 2013

We followed this water truck down several streets early one morning.  If we couldn't buy water from the well across our street, we would be buying it from a truck like this.  It is amazing how they can maneuver their way down narrow, winding alleys to get to homes.  We also use the excellent water filtering system the Church provides all missionaries who live where it is not safe to drink the water. 

Another view of some 'push-pushes' who we share the roads with.  Many times they are stacked up with goods so high that they can't see around them, so they also have someone in the front, pulling.  This is how most people move their belongings when they move, and how much of the retail businesses move their wares, such as couches and chairs, freezers (a lot of people have little freezers, if they have electricity, but not refrigerators), TVs, tables, etc.

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