Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July Celebration on P Day - roasting hot dogs

Some of the elders enjoying the fire pit

We had the closest meal we could come up with to resemble a 4th celebration:  potato salad, baked beans, roasted chili hot dogs, salsa and chips,  roasted/burned marshmallows, lots of water, and blue cake with white frosting and red raspberries on top.

We are missing one elder - we have been waiting for a transferring elder from another part of the mission.  We are experiencing some difficulties with Visas.  A branch missionary has been working with us, but he had a job interview (Yea for him-they are few and far between for people here!).  The missionaries enjoy getting together - they live in two different apartments and attend meetings in two different buildings, and they like a chance to relax.....and eat!

Beautiful, red sun - it was a lovely day, not too hot because it is winter=cold/dry season here.  A couple of the elders even said they feel cold in the mornings!  I still run the air conditioner at night and most of the day, but it is not any where near as uncomfortable as in the hot/rainy season.

These two took turns having a little siesta!  The sticks are what we used to roast the hot dogs and marshmallows.

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  1. Love seeing how life and the work go on without us. Makes us a little homesick,but it's good to see. '
    Love you guys.