Sunday, May 26, 2013

Precious Water

One of the reason we moved was because of not getting water.  Imagine our surprise when we weren't getting city water and were told that the city knows we aren't getting it - because there is construction somewhere in the city.  They wouldn't say when or if  we will get water again.  This is a picture of Elder Wheatley emptying containers of water he got from the church into our cistern.  We have 12 of them for water storage. 
 The church has city water and we think a well, because there is also a large tank on a high steel frame, which has good water in it.  We can also pay a water truck to bring in water to our cistern or pay for water from a well across the street. 

 This is a view of our street, with cement from a demolished building inside the red gate on the right.  By putting it outside the wall, without a sign saying it is for sale, it can be taken by whoever wants it.  For  about a week, people have been coming with wheelbarrows, like the one in the distance and getting the smaller pieces.  Most of it is taken to fill in holes in the road.  The large pieces are still there, and we don't know what will happen to them.

Another picture of a busy day at a street market.

The sun was setting as we were traveling home and it was actually very red and beautiful, but my camera didn't capture that.

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