Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life in Pointe Noire

When we were visiting a new member, this family lived in the same parcel.  I asked the mother if I could take a picture because her little girl is working so hard washing dishes, lots of dishes.  It appears that because it gets dark shortly after 6:00 PM year round, by the time a family eats dinner, it is late and dark, so often the dishes wait until morning.  She was scrubbing them and rinsing them and they looked good!

We have passed this truck with chickens in the back on several different days, at one of the outdoor markets.  It is amazing, because they just stay in the truck!  People here eat a lot of eggs and a lot of chicken, which is mostly grilled and sold along the roads.

Here are some common foods we eat:  pineapple, in season (we have had 3 this week-yummmmm); Congo oranges (they are more like lemons than oranges); bananas; and plantains. I didn't have a papaya to include, but that is very plentiful and eaten as a staple.

Elder Nash was SO excited when we told him their apartment could take some of these plantains home.  The elders say they usually fry them, which is the way we have had them in restaurants here. This bunch, which has already had several removed by the other apartment, was given to us to share with them by a family in one of the branches.  They are HUGE!

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