Thursday, May 16, 2013

Elders & African Suits

Elder Baker trying to cut Elder Wheatley's famous banana bread.... Really, it is quite delicious - he  makes  it several times a week and we take it as a gift when we go visit people.  Everyone so far, including the missionaries, love it (at least they say they do).  He uses less sugar, because most people here don't like things too sweet. 
 The missionaries LOVE peanut butter!  There is a sister in one of the branches who will get them this bucket of fresh PB for only 5,000cfa (about $10.00 USD).  That is a deal, because a 340g jar in the French store costs about the same.  Elder Lavering (leaning in) says he could eat the whole thing by himself!  Elder Stephens, Baker and Porter will insist on helping him.  Missionary moms - we do talk to them frequently about germs and cleanliness, but that doesn't stop them from 'sharing'!

Elder Porter thinks PB tastes great with milk, kind of like a milkshake.....

This is a men's taylor shop.  Since I took this picture, a glass window has been installed, but it didn't have one for a long time, although it has the usual bars over the door and window when it is closed.  Many of the missionaries talk about getting an African suit to take home - one with short sleeves and pockets on the front.  Men wear them with a casual shirt like a white T shirt.  One of the members told us one day during a visit, that you would never wear a dress shirt under such a suit, because if you did, it would look funny and people would say you were "from the village."

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