Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mission Goodbye for one of our Elders

Elder Spens is getting ready to go to the airport and return to the U.S. after completing an honorable mission.  He worked right up until time to go!  What a blessing it is to share missionary time with these extraordinary young men.  They love the gospel and they love the people of Congo.  The young man who is on his right is taking his place.  He is currently a branche missionary and is waiting for his passport so that he can serve a full time mission.

His luggage is loaded and he is explaining that he didn't have time to shine his shoes, but he looks great in his suit!  The missionaries here don't usually ever wear their suit coats - it is way too hot, but they keep them in their closets and hope they don't mold, so they can wear them home!

While we waited for Elder Spens to work his way through lines, I couldn't resist buying a couple of statues made of green ebony.  The one on the left is a mother and child and the one on the right is a woman making saka-saka. 

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