Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sights around Pointe Noire

This is the Pointe Noire Train Station, on a day that is not busy.  The train goes to and from Brazzaville, the capitol city, through a lot of villages.  We have never talked to anyone who has ridden it.

This friendly little lizard lives across the road from us and we see him on the side of our neighbor's house or on this pile of bricks, on sunny days.

This is a bakery that we often buy bread and sometimes a croissant from.  It has excellent French bread, according to our mission president, who just happens to be seen in the lower right of this picture.  He said it is as good as nay they buy when they visit. France. The man in the lower left  is like many men who ride motorbikes and carry at least one bag on each side and one in front of them, full of loaves of French bread, to sell to vendors.

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