Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Sights around Pointe Noire

This is a table of charcoal - what most people cook with, in little metal pots, on metal tripods.  Many vendors sell it - it is always in 'stacks' and you buy it by the stack.
 This truck carries water - it is backing into an alley at the top of our little hill.  The last truck that did that, ran into a wall and did quite a bit of damage.  This one just might fit!  Sometimes we can't get home in our truck because of big trucks like this, or with sand/gravel or cement, just block the road and we have to wait until they move.

Some cute little girls with their mom, on the way up the alley to the main road.

These two great elders helped the woman across the lane from us, by hauling many, many wheel-barrow loads of sand, in the rain, from the road into her yard.  They were hot and sweaty despite the rain, and pretty exhausted by the time they were through!  I have to add that Elder Wheatley was right in there, also helping, and he kept up with them and hardly broke a sweat!  Not bad for an old guy.....but he didn't think I needed to show the picture with him in it!

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