Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On the left is a barber and coiffure shop, which are so numerous  it is amazing that any stay in business!  Many men get their hair cut at least weekly, and it is usually only 500 cfa, about 1 US dollar.  On the right is a quincaillerie, a hardware store, which you also see about every 4th or 5th store front. 

This is a dry cleaning/laundry business - they are also everywhere.  When you see a man with a nicely pressed shirt, you can pretty well count on it having been cleaned at one of these 'pressing' shops.  Their white shirts are a lot whiter than the ones we do in our washing machines and I wish I knew the secret!

If there is ever anything you can't find in a shop, one of the marchés, or along the road - someone will probably walk by with it on their head!  It is really quite convenient!  However, we are told that you can find everything you could ever dream of at least at the grande marché, which is so huge and so full of people and things of all sorts, that I don't really ever want to go there again because I am afraid I will get lost and never find my way out......years from now, my family would be saying they knew I went in, but I never came out and no one could find me!

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