Sunday, September 30, 2012

Helping Hands

These branche members are prepared for the morning of "Helping Hands" service.  We started with this many and a few more joined after we got to the project.  This is in the side yard at the church.  The project site was around the corner.

Everyone really wanted to work, but sometimes there weren't enough rakes, shovels and brooms for everyone.  The goal was to clean up the yard of the Mvou Vou Commune, which is the community government building where one of the branche buildings is.

I think we got a smile out of this little guy later! He wasn't happy because he didn't have a broom or shovel to help with - but he got a turn eventually.

Two great Young Men and a missionary - what a great combination!
I think one blessing from doing this project (and a well project across the street), is that lately, when the police on that corner wave us over to check our papers, when they recognize us as missionaries for the Church who helped, they have been telling us to go on - what a blessing!  I do hope that continues.

This elder, bless his big heart, wore my backpack all morning, because I didn't want to put it down.  It was heavy and he worked with it anyway.  This very small pile of leaves and garbage became huge by the time we were through - then we lit it on fire, because that is the way most garbage is managed here.

Here are 2 wonderful Young Women and a dear sister, with a grand-baby on her back (you can see her little feet poking out by the sister's elbows).  Babies are wrapped in a piece of fabric, which is folded and tied up in front, across women's chests.  They often ride around all day that way.

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  1. We love reading your blog. So good to hear from you. We miss Meg around here. Love you guys. Keep up the good work and example for us..
    henry and Diana