Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mvou Mvou Well Project...Again

We received a call one day telling us the well paid for by our Church Humanitarian Services was once again going to be presented as being completed.  We attended a ceremony shortly after we arrived in Pointe Noire for the same purpose, but the generator and transformer weren't working and the well never produced water for the community as it was intended to do.  Now, these many months later and just as we are leaving, it is supposed to really be ready.  It will serve about 50,000 people, who currently have to go find water from another source. Since the pipes had been there for a couple of years, they needed painted, so about 15 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start, these men began the paint job.

This happy French man was hired by the water company to remedy problems with the old water pipes, so that people really can get the water that will be available.  Our rented church building is in the background. Since the building was rented, in January 2012, the church has had to buy trucked in water.  We will never again take fresh, drinkable, available water for granted!

There were a couple of camera men and some radio people there to record the ceremony and interview people.  Our 'Agent Branche President', President Caillet was an important part of the process and we and the missionaries were also invited to attend.  The mayor, the man over the water for MvouMvou community and several other important people attended.  Every time I tried to get a good picture, one of the camera men would step in front of me! We were told the next day that we were on TV, and people saw us even in the capitol city of Brazzaville and called P.N. to tell about it.  Such a blessing to have water, if only the city will really fix the old, decaying and broken pipes!

President Caillet(with the blue ribbon in his coat pocket) is shaking hands with the government water project person. You can barely see Elders Lavering and Johnson in the back.

President Caillet, the well pipe, Elders Ntambwe and Lavering, Branch Missionary Ahn, and Elder Johnson.

Left to right:  a plumber from one of the branches, President Caillet, Elder and Sœur Wheatley, Elder Ntambwe, Branche Missionary Ahn, and Elder Johnson - Elder Lavering took the picture.

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