Thursday, October 3, 2013

Meeting Africa Clockwise

One day we saw this truck parked by where we walk along the beach road.  We wondered what it was, then saw it again the next day.  As we walked by, a young teenage girl stepped out and we talked to her for a few minutes, then her father came out.

This is a family of 4 from Cape Town, South Africa, who are attempting to drive around the outside of the African continent.  They are tyring to use palm oil for their fuel and set a record in accomplishing that.  The daughter told us that it was a lifelong dream of her parents and they also want to increase awareness of global warming, especially how it is affecting Africa.

When her father came out of the truck, we had a nice but short conversation with him and he told us of their blog: http://
We have been reading some of it and they describe the countries and the people so well - it is very interesting!
They are certainly brave and people of faith.  We wish them a successful journey.  We read that they are very carefully  managing their funds and some foods are too expensive, so we took some canned food to give them and they told us the loved the peaches and the canned chili, especially. 
Below is a picture of Zola, Ruby, and their mother.  Sampson, the father, must have been out surfing when we stopped to see them this time.  Elder Wheatley made them another loaf of banana bread and they said they thought they would have enough fuel to leave in a couple of days.  They are using vegetable oil, palm oil, etc., to fuel their vehicle.  Their blog is so very interesting and tell of life here in this part of Africa so realistically.

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