Friday, October 11, 2013

Watching Conference

 We downloaded some of the General Conference sessions and had the missionaries over for dinner and to watch them last Sunday evening.  You can see how engaged they are in the messages.  One of them said that he never used to listen to all of the sessions and now he can't wait for the opportunity!  How a mission helps these young men mature and appreciate their blessings!  Two of our three African Elders were not comfortable with the aircon on - a jacket and a warm blanket did the trick (and I turned off one of the units).

Today I received an email asking for our physical address so that the Church can send DVDs of Conference (French & English language option) so that the branches can schedule a weekend to show them.  The members here love to watch Conference and they treasure their Conference editions of the Le Liahona magazines and teach Sunday lessons out of them when scheduled to, just as we do in the rest of the Church. 

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  1. Thanks for having the elders over to your home. I know Elder Brockbank appreciated the chance to watch conference!