Sunday, August 18, 2013

Views of Pointe Noire

When we drive away from the city, we pass this agricultural business called 'AgriCongo.' It is so refreshing to see land that is good enough to grow crops in.  We don't know if the produce is all used locally or not, but we can call in an order and then pick it up the next day.  We did this once, but it wasn't really a better deal than just going up to the big marché where we do our other shopping....and since we don't speak French well enough to be understood, it's easier to just enjoy the view when we pass!

Elder Wheatley has been wanting me to take a picture of the car repair shops - because wherever a car or truck breaks down is where the repair shop is, most of the time.  This was fortunately on one side of a road, and not in the middle of a busy intersection!
And..........speaking of repairs, here is Elder Wheatley trying to stabilize some of the chairs in one of the Elders' apartments.  Remember how, in elementary school, teachers are always telling their students to stop leaning back in their chairs?  Well, wonderful, grown up young men still like to 'lean back' and pretty soon, the chairs just can't handle it anymore!  It's also important to know that these chairs have been through a LOT of elders, in all shapes and sizes, so it's actually not surprising that they can need repaired or replaced at some point in time!

Children are able to find places to play, no matter where they live, and so this old taxi is keeping these young boys entertained for awhile.

We saw these children caring for their goats, on a street we drove down to buy some plants for in front of our parcel wall. It looked like the baby was very new, and they had the mother out to eat the foliage along this wall.  Looks like mommy goat wanted to get her face in the picture, too.

Patrice, our daytime guard, loves to take care of our flowers and has planted many out in front of our wall.  When we first moved in, he took cuttings from some flowers inside the wall and nurtured them so that they are now growing well outside the wall.  There were still some areas that needed more plants, so he was happy we brought more for him to put in.  He has tomatoes planted in several of the planters inside the wall, along with the flowers.  

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