Monday, January 21, 2013

Views from Ouside the City

 We were invited by one of the Branch Presidents, to have dinner at some property he owns on a hillside out of town.  The pictures make it look close to the harbor, but that is compliments of a zoom lens.  It is actually a few miles from the ocean. 

Another view showing more of the ocean

This shows the view in another direction, towards trees on the horizon.

This is what it looks like back towards the city.  Many of the homes you can see are not completed and not lived in yet.

This is during the delicious meal, by which time it was getting pretty dark.  We had fish and vegetable shish cabobs, manyoke, rice, beans, barbecued chicken and some bread.  There was cold bottled water and soda to drink - a feast!  President Caillet is in the background.

Here is our lovely hostess, Soeur Caillet, and her two precocious daughters, Erika and Chloe, and a friend.  It takes all day for her to cook a dinner like this.  I made a pasta salad....and left it at home in the fridge by accident!

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