Monday, January 21, 2013

An African Painting

I met this charming young woman the day I bought a creche from the artist next to where she paints, along the road.  She sets up her outside studio in between some trees and displays her paintings there.  She had a huge painting that I loved, but would have no place to hang in our home.  I arranged with her to paint something for me that had beautiful orange and yellow colors and that she could express herself in.  When I went back, she explained that this is a woman who is standing in 'the light' and the tube on the left and the broken jar on the bottom right show darkness leaving.  It is painted on rafia and I really like the colors.  I am not sure yet if I love the painting, but I love that she feels it is beautiful and it is very African.  She speaks English really well and her name is Jenny.

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