Monday, January 21, 2013

Fixin' Things

This truck, which has a load of cement, has a flat rear right tire.  Usually that means the truck stops in the road and everyone has to figure out how to get around it.  But because it is in front of the beer factory, it moved over to the side.  To chang the tire, the driver dug a hole and is down under the truck changing the tire - I wish I had been able to get better picture.
This truck is just outside our parcel wall.  Someone is building a home behind the little house you can see, and they cut down a large palm tree that was in the way.  When they did that, the electrical wire fell down and was just laying in the road.  It was OK with the workers - they just worked around it for several days!  This truck brought in a new pole and the next day it was up again.  Our electricity was only out for a little while - we were surprised and don't know how it worked while the wire  was down, but glad it did!

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