Sunday, May 27, 2012

We were stopped in traffic and this beautiful baby girl kept staring at me, a 'mondellie' so I asked her mother if I could take her picture.  The moment I took the picture she looked down, so I missed the cutest shot!

On our way to visit a new member family in this  area out of town, we offered this woman a ride, but she said she was just going to the top of the hill.
This is the type of home that most of the general population live in.  This one is out of town but in town they are like this.  Many have cement floors and sometimes they have good furniture and even rugs in the rooms.  Some also have wooden or iron gate types of doors, but during the daytime, curtains are used so that air can circulate.  Many, even most, do not have electricity or water.  There are usually not kitchens, but areas where kitchen supplies are kept, some with a gas hot plate usually on the floor.  Almost all of the cooking is done outside in pots, on briquets.

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