Sunday, May 27, 2012

This young woman had her baby on her back, but when I asked if I could take a photo, she took him off so he could be seen better.  She was on her way up the road to either sell the load on her head, or take it home, I am not sure which.

These people are doing their laundry and the children are playing in the river.  There were women with large loads of laundry in buckets on their heads going up the side of the hill, but I was too slow getting my camera out to get a shot of them.

This woman is gathering the blossoms of this bush to make beesap, which is a deep purple-colored drink (non-alcoholic) that is a favorite in this part of Congo.  We have enjoyed the drink at a family's home during Family Home Evening and also at a Pointe Noire Branche activity, where the Relief Society sisters were learning how to make it.  When I asked if I could take her picture, she laughed and laughed and had fun looking at it on my camera.

This is the plant that provides the blossoms to make beesap.          

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