Sunday, May 20, 2012

 Our last P-Day Activity  before two more of our elders completed their missions in Congo and left for home, was a picnic at the beach (never in the water).  Here are the 8 greatest missionaries in the world!  They love to roast hotdogs (we tried to explain what hotdogs were to our English class yesterday!) and eat lots of other food and play soccer, then watch the sun go down over the ocean.
Great appetites!!!

Thanks to Elder and Sœur Gates, who were the previous Senior Couple here, we have hotdog roasting equipment!
These two elders left for home a few days after our picnic.
We know they will be blessed throughout their lives for the honorable missions they served.  
There were a few cookies left - until they were discovered as the missionaries were packing up to head back to their apartments.

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