Monday, March 12, 2012

This is the Branche President's family, who came for the Open House.  His name is President Sombo, and he is the man with the dark tie, in the middle.  His mother is behind him with the green headdress, and his step-father is to the left in the white shirt.  His wife is to the right in the blue and he has 5 beautiful children scattered in the picture.  His extended family may not all be members, we are not sure, but his mother is and his step-father will be baptized by him soon.

President Sombo is a wonderful, delightful man.  He wanted a picture with us, so as Liz requested, here is another photo of Elder and Sœur Wheatley.  He is very enthusiastic about the church - I think he told us he has been a member for 6 years.  He studies the church Branche President instruction manual and asks for help because he wants to do everything correctly.  We love him and his family!

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