Friday, March 9, 2012

 This is the newly rented and remodeled Pointe Noire Branche building.  It is in a quartier in a part of the city that is much closer to many branche members, so they are now more able to get transport or walk to church.  There are also many investigators who come each week.  The branche is so big, it fills the building and the Primary has to do some of their activities outside in the fenced yard area on the other side of the building.

This is the chapel.  The wood stand in the front was just finished.  It looks very nice.  The Relief Society also meets in this room for now, because it is next to the Primary rooms, which are already too small for the number of children coming.  There are 3 floors to the building, and you have to go outside to the area where the stairs are. Sometimes there is no water, and that is a challenge for both church buildings - pumps that don't work, electricity not working, or no water available.

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