Monday, March 12, 2012

While President and Sister Jameson were visiting and Sister Jameson and I were preparing dinner for them and the Elders, a hot water hose exploded and steaming hot water started pouring out under the sink.  Luckily Sister Jameson, who was standing at the sink, did not get burned.  Elder Wheatley and Elder McGrath are working here at trying to fix it.  It took a couple of days, a new hose and finally a plumber to find and fix a second leak, to get it all fixed.  And as soon as that one was fixed the one in our bathroom exploded again........ :) 

Our wonderful Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Jameson, and our Elders.  We love them all and are so very grateful for them.  Heavenly Father has blessed us with the best Mission President and wife and the best Elders in all the world!
Today, Elder Wheatley was supposed to take several Elders to get more Visa photos.  The truck wouldn't start, so they hoped in a bus and came over to help jump start it - and they were HUNGRY!  Monday is P Day/shopping day, and they said they had no food in their apartment.  Elder Tshibindi said, as he came in the door, "I need to talk to Sœur Wheatley."  I wondered why - it was to tell me how hungry he was.  I had little food because I need to shop, too - but there was a loaf of bread in the bread sack, which I know was not there earlier when I tried to find something for our breakfast, peanut butter and jam, a dozen eggs, leftover pasta and baked beans - and homemade frozen yogurt!  What a feast, they said and I believe they all left with full stomachs and there was even some pasta still in the bowl.

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