Sunday, July 15, 2012

Whenever we see extra people coming down our little lane to get water from our neighbor, we know something is up with our water supply!
This woman has her hands full, so she is using her head, which often means carrying a load on top of her head.  Many people who are lucky enough to have access to a wheel barrow, use it to put their water containers into.  First we saw this lady carrying water, who we don't usually see, then another neighbor came over and asked for some buckets of water, so we checked our reservoir, and sure enough, it was getting way low.  No shower for Elder Wheatley that day, but, I had already had mine! We conserved, and we have learned to have stored bottled/filtered water and some beatles of water for washing, etc.  Then, in the afternoon, we heard the blessed sound of water running into our reservoir again. 

This dear elder stayed home with another sick elder, and to keep from going crazy (they are used to being on the go all day long), he cleaned house!  It is fun to observe how some elders are very clean and some medium clean and some need some reminders!  They are really great about cleaning on P Day, but often don't have enough time to do the extras, like cleaning out bookshelves, and stacks on tables, which this elder did.  Then, he decorated!  They don't have a coffee table, so they have had boxes with cloths over them.  He was tired of how bad it looked, so he eliminated one big box, replaced it with a smaller one and a different covering, all tucked in nicely, and Voila! 

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  1. Once again, I'm just so proud!! Give that boy a hug from his mama!!