Sunday, July 29, 2012

Missionaries At Work

Missionaries coming up a lane to visit a new member.  See the little kids watching them in the background?

These two missionaries are receiving a special African greeting - bumping heads.  The women do the French greeting with friends, kissing both cheeks (or rather, touching cheeks and making a kissing sound). 

I didn't time this perfectly, but wanted to get another view of this greeting.  This man has been a member for a few months.  His daughter has joined, and her young son.  They are a wonderful family.  The elders have been doing their follow up visits with this family.  They are active in the branche and are a wonderful addition to the branche.    

Another day in the well at the church!  The baptismal font was filled and it was almost time to start the service and suddenly the water was almost gone..........we are pretty sure one of the kids running around pulled the plug and it only took a few minutes to create a water emergency!  Luckily there were a lot of helping hands and a few buckets and so the bucket brigade began. 

Fast feet and lots of smiles!

Some physical work can be a nice change for an elder, and
 getting a little wet can be very refreshing.

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