Sunday, June 24, 2012

 A few daily sights on the streets of Pointe Noire:

A soda and beer delivery truck, slowly ambling down the road, hoping the tires don't pop from the heavy load....

Three ladies trying to get safely across the street - it looks like they will be fine, but there must be some traffic coming to make the look so tentative!

This photo is taken along the main street we take to go to the Elder's apartments and to the church at La Base.  This is very typical of a vendor - except that she is not crowded by other vendors.  It looks like she is selling (sour)oranges and peanuts and probably some bananas.

This is along the same street.  Notice the cement drainage ditches.  Some of them are up to 6 feet deep and every once in awhile a car or truck goes in and gets stuck and occasionally a person steps in.  Even toddlers seem to know the danger and run and play freely along the sides of the road while their mothers sell their food.
This baby goat is brand new and was just getting up and trying its legs.  Goats run freely all over, even right down town.  I tried to get a shot of a group of spotted goats next to the main street in town but they moved too fast.  These are in a cartier we were visiting.

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