Sunday, June 24, 2012

Elder Wheatley's first plant - a volunteer bean plant, which he says may be a dry bean, like a pinto bean.  It grew right up inton the barbed wire and wanted to go to heaven but couldn't find a way!
The 'teepee' sticks are to support the other beans, and are bamboo shoots he gathered from the swampy area across the road.

This is a "Wheatley" look, don't you think?  Actually, he should be all smiles, because some of his tomato plants have blossoms.  Even though the plants might not produce anything, Elder Wheatley says the green looks good in his garden!   I think the side view is to show his older brothers that even though he lost a few pounds to start with, he is holding his pants up just fine now and still doesn't need suspenders......

The flowers below are in front of our porch and make us smile each time they bloom.  New blossoms  arrive daily.

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