Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Home and truck

 This is where we live.  It looks fancy, and we are very glad to have a nice place to live.  There are always ups and downs, though - we have birds living in our attic, electric power that goes on and off and isn't powerful enough to run our washing machine (we finally gave it to the elders when theirs broke and we do our laundry in the tub!) and a small generator (it is called 'the group' here and we couldn't understand what people were talking about when they said that!) that keeps the fridge going and a few lights on when the power is off.

This is our truck.  It is essential to have 4 wheel drive, which we have never had in a vehicle before.  Elder Wheatley is amazing as he maneuvers us through incredible traffic - he is getting as good as the taxi drivers who go places and do things I would never have imagined possible - sometimes I just have to close my eyes and hold on tight!  Today we got so close to a large stalled truck that it pushed our side mirror in - I usually just put it in as a caution in heavy traffic. 

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