Monday, February 27, 2012

An Elementary School, A Neighbor and Beautiful Children

This school is out of town quite a ways, in a quiet quartier (neighborhood) where there is no electricity and families have to walk quite a distance to get water from a public well.

This woman is a seamstress and has a little shop right next door to us.  She has sewn some things for me and we always greet each other as we leave our home.  She came over to get some water one afternoon for her children.  We aren't sure if they are both hers or not, but we are pretty sure the little boy is because he is in the shop with her all the time and every once in awhile he gets into big trouble and we can hear him being unhappy! 

 When we opened our gate one afternoon, these two little girls were playing on the wall across from us.  Notice the French bread in the little girl's hand - a staple of everyone's diet here, and mostly air.  A loaf like that costs 100 cfas, which is not very much - about 20 cents in US money.

These boys are selling this dog.  When we smiled at them as we were waiting in traffic, they thought we wanted to buy him.  We were sorry to disappoint them!  There aren't a lot of dogs here, and they are mostly very skinny and don't seem to have owners.  We have only seen 2 cats and one of them jumped out of our yard when we came home last night!  I don't mind - maybe he was catching a mouse, even though I haven't seen any.  There are lots of other 'things' I have seen that I don't like to think about (BIG roaches, geckos, lots of mosquitoes.....)

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