Sunday, March 3, 2013

Well Project

This well project was provided by the Church Humanitarian Fund in 2005 and is still working and providing good water to thousands of people in this poverty stricken area of Kinshasa.  The residents pay a small amount that goes into a fund for upkeep and repairs - their participation in the project.

Here are some of the people, mostly children, who were at the well or followed us there.

The man in the yellow/orange shirt is translating from Lingala (the native language) to French, for our Mission President, President Jameson.  They are asking this woman about how the well is helping the people here.

Sister Jameson loves the children wherever they go and here she is having them count to 10, first in French, then English (with some help) and then in Lingala. 

These two little boys were some of the many in the crowd - the smaller one has the look that children have sometimes when they see 'mondellies', or white faces that reflect the sun!

This is the medical clinic available to the people in this area.

This is a building built by the Church Humanitarian Funds for the school for toilet facilities.  It is locked when school is not in session.

This school provides classes for 250 children, according to the head schoolmaster.  There are 4 rooms, only 2 of which were open and appeared used.

This is inside one of the two rooms we were able to look at.

Here is the head schoolmaster and his classroom.

This young mother stopped to talk to us as we were leaving, and asked us to come back and provide more help for this community. 

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